I ordered my stuff at least 15 seconds ago, why am I not wearing it right now?


We generally ship out 1-3 business days after an order is placed. Some of the products are shipped from our state of the art bunker deep in the woods of Minnesota, while other products are shipped by trusted production partners who make our hats to order and send them directly to you, cutting down not only on waste but on unnecessary postage which means the Post Office really has to grovel to stay afloat.


If your order is vital to the survival of western civilization or you have really bad taste and want to wear something from this store to something like prom or your neighbor's Bar Mitzvah, contact us and we'll see if we can speed things up to get it there for your special day.


Why don't you have Paypal as a payment option?

Paypal cut off services shortly after Shopify did. Most likely the Insurrection Veteran hats, Kyle Rittenhouse shirts or the Epstein stuff went over the arbitrary lines they had set for that day, or we might have misgendered their dog. Who knows.


I've seen some of these designs before. Did you steal from the Gunloot site?

No. That's our old site.

We picked that name just to get a site up and get going in July of 2020. Shopify locked out the account after taking down close to 100 products that they claimed violated their terms of service. Working with Shopify as an e-commerce platform wasn't going to work and since we had to switch platforms, we switched names in the process. Mostly Peaceful is a better fit for our merch. 


I received my stickers in the mail, but where are the shirts?

Some of our products are produced in bulk and ship from our local shop, some of the hats and shirts are fulfilled by our printing partners who will product them as they're ordered. This means you will receive multiple packages for certain orders.



I bought this shirt and didn't check the size in the description and now it doesn't fit. Can I return it?

No. You wore it and found out that your quarantine sloth added 30-40 lbs and that's a giant bummer for you, but we made the product at the size you ordered.

Now, if you got the wrong size because of a mistake we made or if there's another problem with your item that we caused, let us know and we'll make it right. Check out our Shipping and Returns page for our store policies. 


I don't like this shirt/hat/sticker. Kyle Rittenhouse killed my scumbag friend in Wisconsin and state-lines/nobody should have guns. Will you take it down?

No. Don't buy it. Problem solved. Find better friends.


Can you make this totally not Fed Bait design for me?

No. You can make it yourself and FAFO. We're already doing that up to the point we're comfortable with. If you want to try to get black bagged, it's pretty easy to make your own site and shirts on your own.


I have an idea for a design. Can you make it for me?


The list of designs yet to be made is long enough to keep us busy for a few years, so there is no shortage of designs ideas, it's hours in the day that are lacking. If you're any good in Illustrator/Photoshop and want to help us catch up on the list of pending designs, drop a line and we can work something out. 


Can you ship to APO addresses? 

We can ship to you.


Now, the question of whether you should receive or possess dissident-right material on your particular base is up to you and your commanding officer. Mostly Peaceful Merch does not accept responsibility for any ass-chewings or other disciplinary action for possessing what could be called contraband. You figure that out on your own.


Am I going to get put on a list if I order this/wear this/have thoughts I shouldn't have?

We have no idea how the powers that be are going to categorize unpersons who commit thoughtcrime in the 21st century. I think it's a safe bet that if you're reading these words there is a more than 0% chance you are already on some kind of watchlist and ordering a hat, a shirt, or a mug is not going to bump you up the list any further than you were already headed. It's not going to help your chances, but it's not going to hurt them all that much either.


You're already here reading this, they have your IP already and know you've seen the bad thoughts that are here.

Might as well get a sweet shirt.