Why don't you have Paypal as a payment option?

Paypal cut off services shortly after Shopify did. Most likely the Insurrection Veteran hats, Kyle Rittenhouse shirts or the Epstein stuff went over the arbitrary lines they had set for that day, or we might have misgendered their dog. Who knows.


I don't like this shirt/hat/sticker. Will you take it down?

No. Don't buy it. Problem solved.


Can you make this totally not Fed Bait design for me?

No. You can make it yourself and FAFO. We're already doing that up to the point we're comfortable with. If you want to try to get black bagged, it's pretty easy to make your own site and shirts on your own.


I have an idea for a design. Can you make it for me?


The list of designs yet to be made is long enough to keep us busy for a few years, so there is no shortage of designs ideas, it's hours in the day that are lacking. If you're any good in Illustrator and want to help us catch up on the list, drop a line and we can work something out.