About Us

From the ashes of Gunloot.com comes the next round of Mostly Peaceful Merch to get your neighbor to either support red flag laws or maybe split a pallet of ammo with you.

With our last store, Shopify suspended payment services/took down products, Etsy took down all of the good designs, and Paypal suspended our account.

Not satisfied with getting banned, our brand of badthought for unpersons is back and is printed on all sorts of apparel and gifts for you and whoever else the black vans will eventually grab in the dead of night.

The current thing (whatever thing you're supposed to be worried about whenever you read this) is not above being satirized and mocked in public and that's what we aim to do here. 

The Cathedral hates to be mocked, and for good reason; it takes away some of their legitimacy. So de-legitimize away. We probably have something here you'll like, and if we don't, send us a message as to why we haven't crossed over your favorite line yet. We might have a shirt for whatever thorn is in your side.